Inside Out Series: Patrice Williams MUA Part II

Photograph by: Taylored Genius Inc

Photograph by: Taylored Genius Inc

When I first came across makeup artist Patrice Williams model mayhem page (model mayhem is a premier casting and networking website for professional models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers and digital artists) what stood out to me wasn’t her amazing portfolio full of an array of beauty but it was a quote in her about me section. “I truly believe that we all have someone flawless on the inside of us and when we can transform the outside to match the inside, then we become a ball of beautiful POWER.” Beauty is not surface level. True beauty comes from within, and how we use that beauty is what radiates to the world around us. Shop 4 Play would like to present our Inside Out Series where we focus on creatives who not only inspire people with their work but they inspire people through their work.

S4P: If you could define your makeup style what would it be?

PW: I would define my makeup style as “natural glam”.  My style can be bold enough that it intimidates, but natural enough that you still want to try it for yourself.

S4P: How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles of the season?

PW: Social media keeps me current. Because I don’t live in a major city, trends aren’t knocking at my door. Thank goodness for YouTube specifically! You’ll never miss a beat with heavy hitters like Niraa B, Jaclyn Hill, Jackie Aina, and Nicole Guerriro (to name a few) that are walking you step-by-step through the trends and how to achieve them for yourself.

Youtuber Jaclyn Hill

Youtuber Jaclyn Hill

S4P: What trends are in for fall 2015?

PW: Fall 2015 is all about the smoky cranberry or chocolate eye and the vampy lip and I cannot get enough of it! I also feel like 2015 in general is the year of the winged liner, which is a must have with just about every look for me.

S4P:  Some trends can be too much for some women. What are some ways to take these beauty trends and make them more subtle to fit people’s comfort zones?

PW: I always say, if you like a bold look, but there are parts that are too bold, make up in your mind (haha-makeup/make up – I love self-entertainment) what you would take out to make it more wearable for you. Once you made your decision… just do that! It’s literally that simple. There are some looks that I see, where they have the full blow colorful eye with the purple lips. That may be too much for me on a given day, but if I want to adjust it to fit my needs, I’ll just start with the eye and do a nude lip. Or if the eyes are too much for me on a given day, no worries! Neutral eye, bold lip!

S4P: What are your favorite products for fall?

PW: A personal favorite of mine has been a MAC lipstick in the shade “instigator”. It’s such an awesome deep berry-chocolate shade and it goes perfectly with a cranberry or a chocolate smoky eye!

I am also really loving the Lorac Pro Matte palette! Literally ANY fall eye look can be created with this palette!

S4P: If we looked into your everyday bag what would we find?

PW: Surprisingly, my purse is extremely bland! I’m not the kind of makeup artist to carry makeup with me everywhere I go! I actually don’t carry any with me at all (I know there is someone reading this and clutching their pearls). I literally just keep my wallet, some hygiene essentials (passionberry vanilla body spray from Ulta, deodorant, and a tide pen since I’m always spilling on myself), and maybe some mints and Tylenol. My purse is certainly not a reflection of myself. It’s more of a reflection on things I actually use throughout the day!

S4P: Today’s women are very busy. What are some quick tips to take a day/work beauty look to a night out?

PW: To change a day look to a night look, you want to reflect what happens in nature. Of course, during the day, it’s bright, and at night, it’s dark. This will work the same way with your makeup. This can be applied easiest to the eyes and the lips. For the eyes, you can deepen the outer corners of your crease by adding a darker chocolate or black to smoke it out (when in doubt smoke it out). You can also amp up your nighttime look with a nice, dark, bold lip!

If you are really feeling it, I always suggest increasing the shade of your blush about one or two shades deeper.

S4P: What would be your makeup advice for a woman who is just starting to experiment with makeup?

PW: Take your experiment in stages. Don’t feel obligated to go out and get a full cream contouring and highlighting kit right off the bat. I started by experimenting with eyes first, and I recommend that to anyone getting in makeup. The first thing that people look at are your eyes! So start by experimenting with a small, affordable eyeshadow palette. Nyx makes great small but mighty eyeshadow palettes. Choose one with neutral colors and don’t underestimate the amount of looks that can be created from a neutral palette.

Once you become more and more comfortable, then move on to experimenting with foundation, then lipstick, then move into the contouring and highlighting realm! And don’t put yourself on a timeline. It’s your face, so you can take as long as you want on any particular stage! And if you have an inclination that you want to do something daring, DO IT! It’s just makeup! It’s not like you’re tattooing your face! You got this!

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