Girls Hate Women Support

It's far too often you see girls putting other women down in what we like to call hating. Women support each other, women encourage each other and women motivate each other! Somewhere along the way we stopped trusting each other, and we stopped believing in each other. I believe the root of this problem is because we stopped trusting and believing in ourselves. All of those people who told us that we couldn't do it finally caught up to us. As a woman who has confronted her disappointments and failures in the mirror I'm letting you know that YOU are good enough and that YOU can do it! Let your passions and dreams carry you back to the belief that you can do anything you set you mind to. Build up your own self confidence and if you need a little encouragement I'm here to tell you that you can succeed!

So let's put away girlish things and become the Women that we were meant to be!

4 Play Love: Black Tassel Booties

When it comes to fall shoes all I can think about is tassel booties. They look great whether you are wearing a short skirt or tucking in your favorite legging! We have searched through many websites to find our favorite affordable black booties just for you.


Work Hard Play Hard

Everyone knows the quote "Work Hard Play Hard," but for the past five years I just found myself working harder! Growing up I thought that fashion was a dream job. Literally a dream job that wasn't a realistic one. I come from a family where you go to college to obtain a degree that helps you get a job that helps you to obtain a living. Fashion was a dream not a career, so I went to college with the ultimate goal of becoming a teacher.

Alas, my senior year in college I decided that I wanted to follow my dream. Even after obtaining an English degree and doing one semester of a masters program in Education, I still wanted to be in fashion. So I did what all college graduates do with a fashion dream. I moved to New York City!

I had a plan before I moved to New York. I would transfer my retail job from Media Pa. to New York, I would reach out to fashion companies and hopefully obtain a job, I would gain contacts and hopefully open a boutique in New York. 2 out of those 3 things happened, but it wasn't easy. If you ever had a retail job then you know that standing on your feet all day and dealing with customers is no easy task. In New York it was 10 times worst! I knew that I had to find a corporate job and find one fast!

New York is a big city and sometimes you can feel lost and alone even surrounded by millions of people everyday! I was fortunate to have moved out to New York with my cousin Tiffany. Tiffany had a friend that moved to New York from Ohio who could help me get my foot into the fashion industry door. He connected me with his contact at BCBG Max Azria Group in the hopes that I could volunteer for fashion week. Here I was a college graduate, working a retail job and left with no option but to be a volunteer. And you know what, I didn't even care! I was so excited to be in New York and too eager to get into the industry that I would do Anything!

Fast forward 5 years later I had volunteered, interned and worked for amazing companies in the industry. Companies like BCBG Max Azria Group, InStyle Magazine, RTPR, MiH Jeans, Lucky Magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue. I had met so many amazing people that I could only see in magazines and on t.v sitting at home in West Chester Pa. I had worked with well established people in the industry who had stories for days. I loved the city that I lived in and I loved the people that I was surrounded by. But I wasn't happy! I was living a life that any fashion lover would dream of but I wasn't living my dream. I wanted to be a fashion designer, I wanted to have a fashion boutique and I wanted to see people wearing my clothes.

Enter Shop 4 Play. My cousins and I had been working on our line Halo Fashions since 2009, but needed funding for production. New York is an expensive place. So I made the hard decision to move back home to save money and start an online boutique. Shop 4 Play would be the foundation to launch Halo Fashions and push forward all of the plans we had for Halo. Shop 4 Play is not only an online boutique for the party girl. Shop 4 Play is the continuation of a dream! Every purchase, every comment of support, every like on social media furthers a dream that 4 cousins had six years ago. So we continue to work hard and hope that you play hard!

Thank you all for your continuous support!

Leggings Are IN!!

There was a time when I would give someone the side eye for wearing leggings. Now all I can find myself in are leggings or pants with a hint of stretch. Not only are leggings the most comfortable pant in the world (maybe not the whole world) but they are getting more and more stylish. On this seasons runways designers made leggings a thing to covet!

And thank the fashion gods for fashion websites like Refinery 29 that can answer all of your legging wardrobe questions. And guess what... They have!

Refinery 29 has created 6 outfits that will take your leggings to the next level! Read more at the link below: